Liebherr PR 764

Fully motorized bulldozer in aproximatelly 1:17 scale. Features remotely operated drive, blade & ripper movement trough Power Functions operated valves.


Completion date: 07/05/2010
Power: electric (Power Functions), pneumatic
Dimensions: length 65 studs / width 30studs (blade width) / height 32 studs
Weight: over 2 kg
Suspension: none
Propulsion: two PF XL motors, one per track
Motors: 3 x PF M motors, 2 x PF XL motors.

This model is driven by two PF XL motors, each drives one track. All four wheels provide traction. This dozer was an expirement. It’s  my fisr try at using remotely operated pneumatic valves. There are two pneumatic valves, each  controlled by single PF motor. Front and rear pairs of pneumatic cylinders are connected to set of four pneumatic valves coupled in pairs. Each of them allows to redirect air flow from ripper to blade and vice versa. All pneumatic circuits are fed by two small pumps, driven by single M motor.

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