60420 Bulldozer

An alternate model for 60420 Construction Excavator:

A bulldozer. Quite obvious choice, when you think about building sites etc.


Long time ago there was 60074 Bulldozer. And today, after 9 years of its debut, I present my version of City scale bulldozer:

Due to using parts in almost 20 colours, that set was challenging for making something with consistent colour scheme.

Whole model is built around Technic “spine”, which reinforces whole front and rear part of the machine.

Thanks to that, both ripper and front blade can be elevated.

Some parts left from the main model can be used as debris:

I’m also quite happy about driver’s cab, because it can be detached, showing that Ms Operator can sit with her long hair too 😉

Here’s along my 60324 Oilfield Crane Truck 🙂

More pictures:


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