42122 Uniknick

A Mercedes-Benz Unimog based forest machine.


My sixth alternate model for 42122 set;

And second forestry machine from 42122 🙂

“Knick” is German for “(sharp)bend”, referring to the changed steering system these used compared to the Unimog. Mercedes would deliver just the few parts from original Unimog to “Werner” Coachbuilding:

  • Driver’s cab U421
  • Gearbox DB U421 Type 6 2×4
  • Engine OM 616 ( 52 und 60hp )
  • Two rear axles type 406
  • Rear crossmember 406er

Model in action:


Articulated steering;

Front blade elevation:


Rear blade elevation:

Openable doors:

Pendulum joint:

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