MAN TGS 8×4 Dump Truck with trailer

8×4 dump truck. Features remote drive & steering, elevated dump bed, and front lights. Can easilly tow a drawbar trailer with loader on it. Instructions for truck and trailer are avaiable here. Check parts list at Rebrickable


Completion date: 20/04/2015


Power: electric (Power Functions)
Dimensions: length 63 studs / width 21studs (with mirrors) / height 25 studs
Weight: over 2 kg
Suspension: none
Propulsion: PF XL motor
Motors: 1 x PF L motor, 1 x PF XL, 1 x Servo motor


Dimensions: length 95 studs (with lowered ramps) / width 18 studs / height 24 studs (with raised ramps)
Motors: None

The model has over 2400 parts and features remotely controlled drive, steering and dumping. The drive system uses a Power Function XL motor through two rear axles. Propulsion system is powerful enough to pull over two kgs behind it. In this case, it was two of mine models, wheel loader on a drabwar trailer. Two front axles are steered by a Power Functions Servo motor. The dump bed is elevated by single linear actuator, driven by L motor. The model is powered by a standard Power Functions battery box, which can be easily replaced by tilting the cab. It also powers front Power Functions lights. The model is highly accurate featuring a fully detailed cabin with steering wheel, dashboard, and seats. Exterior features many small details like spare wheel and retractable ladder on the dump bed, which makes the model more realistic. This truck does not use rare parts, which was the main goal in the rebuilding process.


Step by step instructions are intended for medium advanced builders. Electrical routings and connections are highlited in different colours, making the building process easier. The instructions are divided into three major modules, which are frame, cab and dump bed.

Instructions can be found at MOCPLANS.

This is scale model of a drawbar trailer, is based on Schwarzmuller 4-axle low loader trailer with offset platform. It was designed to be able to haul heavy models, like mine Liebherr L580 Wheel Loader. It works well in pair with my MAN TGS dump truck. The model has over 1400 parts. To achieve realistic looks, it uses Reddish Brown tiles in high quantities as hardwood floor parts. Loading ramps on the back can be raised and lowered by single, manual operated small Linear Actuator, placed under the trailer’s floor. They can be locked in driving position by using chains. There are two small supports under the ramps, which could be lowered to stabilize rear part of the trailer when machine moves on the ramps. Model features lots of details, like extendable warning flags on the front and rear, that can match excessed width of transported machine, 7 pairs of additional mounting points on the floor, contour lights and revolving beacon on the left ramp

Step by step instructions are intended for medium advanced builders. They are divided into few large modules, which are right and left halves of the frame, deck modules, ramps and front bogie.

Instructions can be found at MOCPLANS.

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