42106 Road Grader

An alternate model for 42106 Stunt Show Truck & Bike:

Inspired by typical three axle road graders

All pictures can be founde here:

Comes with four manual functions, which are HoG steering, front and main blades and rear ripper.

Front blade can be raised with a lever. Main blade is operated by a gear rack.

Rear ripper is operated by lever located in the cab

Video showing how it works:

Model comes with instructions, few sample pages:

And they can be bought on Sellfy and Rebrickable:


All lights are mounted on half pins, which means that they will spin freely. To avoid that oddly looking lamps, you can add few stripes of paper on each pin, locking it securely. 🙂

Few comparison pictures with my other models:

42094 High Speed Dozer:

42075 Terminal Tractor:

Test model:

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