Ursus 912

It’s a LEGO version of Ursus 912, one of the most recognizable farm machines in Poland from late 80’s.

Everything began with 42054 set and its great tires. Unfortunatelly, so far LEGO did not decided to make these wheels in smaller diameter, so everything that could be built are largest 4×4 tractors on same wheels on both axles. Or… something smaller.

It started, as usual, from single picture. This one:

It was built in Model Team style, which means no functions (except spinning wheels and posable front axle), with focusing on details.

There are few details common for those tractors, like a toolbox above rear wheel
Front axle has pendular suspension.

More pictures can be found here:

The model comes with three parts list, main one with Yellow bodywork, secondary with Red bodywork, and “deluxe” version, with bodywork made from Bright Light Orange parts. The real model was built with using Bright Light Orange parts (to match the colours of real tractor), but they are quite difficult to get, so I have decided to release these instructions with few different colour options for your convenience.

Instructions can be bought from Sellfy:

Or at Rebrickable:

Parts list for all three colours are made in Rebrickable (csv), BrickStore (bsx) and Bricklink (xml) formats.
Parts list can be found here:

Instructions sample can be viewed by cliking on the icon below:

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A 30 year old LEGO fan, who sometimes build something.