42157 Sugar Cane Loader

42157 John Deere 1850 Sugar Cane Loader.

I’m 99% sure that you have never heard about this machine.

But it’s real, and works on sugar cane fields. Very, very specialized piece of equipment, made to meet specific requirements. For example, arm rotates only by 90 degrees, which is enough to load and unload canes to the trailer. Engine is placed on the left side of the frame, working as a counterweight for the arm.

Instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-173684/M_longer/42157-sugar-cane-loader/

All images: https://bricksafe.com/pages/M_longer/42157-alt/sugar

Model is made in aprox. 1:17 scale, which means that it can work with many models, including my MAN TGS;

I have used 80% of parts from the A model, trying to incorporate as much details of real machine as possible, but let’s be honest, real one is not a detailed one:

But there’s something charming in its rough look:

Model in action:

As mentioned above, the arm swivels only to right side, allowing to unload the canes to the truck or trailer;

And it can move, thanks to three pneumatic circuits, operated with valves under the fake engine;

Speaking about the engine – its placing took a lot of trial and error, because usually you need simplier drivetrain to move the pistons. But it works!

Both grapple and forks (blades?) on front are operated by small linear actuators;

And arm’s range of movement is pretty good:

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