42094 High Speed Dozer

An alternate model for 42094 Tracked Loader:

Inspired by CAT M105 DEUCE dozer:

Comes with two manual functions, which are elevation of front blade and a rear winch.

Both functions are operated by gear on the back of the cab, and switched between with red lever located on the side.

Front blade’s angle can be easilly adjusted.

This model uses 770 out of 827 parts provided in the set.

Here you can see how it works:

Model comes with full building instructions, few sample pages:

Instructions can be bought at Sellfy:

Or at Rebrickable:

Few comparison pictures with A model:

Direct size comparison:

And a test model, built with more yellow panels and black pieces:

It is another model added to my collection of C models:

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A 30 year old LEGO fan, who sometimes build something.