Iveco EuroTrakker 8×4

My first big model built in aproximately 1:17 scale. Features remote drive & steering, pneumatically operated tipper.


Completion date: 26/01/2009
Power: electric (Power Functions), pneumatic (fed from manual pump)
Dimensions: length 62 studs / width 23studs (with mirrors) / height 23 studs
Weight: over 2 kg
Suspension: pendular
Propulsion: PF XL motor
Motors: 1 x PF XL motor, 1 x PF M motor

 This model has brick built frame, with pendualr frames on all axle. Two rear axles are driven by PF XL motor, two front axles are steered by PF M motor. Door at the back of the tipper bed opens automatically when the bed is rasied.





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