42108 Upgraded Carrier

What you can see here is totally rebuilt carrier from 42108 set, with unchanged supestructure.

The goal was to significantly improve functions and look of the stock carrier.
It has the same wheelbase, but everything elses was designed from scratch.
Let’s start with the visual side of this rework:

First thing that caught my eye were missing side mirrors. Its predecessor, the 8053 had it.
So I have added them in my version. Next thing that was changed are overall proportions of the cab itslef. Now it is wider, but shorter and higher, and thanks to that it resemble better shapes of cabs of various mobile cranes.

I wanted to keep style of stock cab, so there are macaroni bricks used, but due to way whole cab was built there are no opening doors either.

The main core of the chassis is almost the same, I wanted to keep the stock wheelbase and suprisingly it is alo very compact, which was crucial for adding the extendable outriggers.

Let’s compare both carriers:

Improved version has completely closed deck, while stock one had some flimsy mudguards only.

The most visible difference is seen when utriggers are fully deployed:

42108 had very short and hard to use outrigers, upgraded version has four extendable outriggers.

Before you buy these instructions, please read the following really carefully.

– model uses the same chassis as stock one, so if you have 42108 and want to make an upgrade, you can just strip it down to this stage (please note those 8 2L black pins)

– to make the bulid easier, large part of the model has to be built twice. All submodels shown on pages 17-32 need to be built twice. I am informing you about that, before you will notice that x2 after building first outriggers frame 😉

– please be careful while joining outriggers frame with chassis (page38) and do not confuse front with back (front is where Tan 20 teeth gear is placed)

– model uses most of the parts from the stock chassis, but also requires 432 additional parts (listed on the parts list too):

Complete lists of those parts in XML, CSV and BSX formats can be also founde here:


Or by clicking here:

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Brickstore BSX

Rebrickable CSV

Few sample pages:

Instructions can be bought on Sellfy and Rebrickable, payments by PayPal or Credit Card.



These are parts left after the build:

And this is how it looks compared to my 42043 Mobile Crane:

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