SBrick Light review

Did you ever thought about adding lights to your models? I had that thought every time I was on LEGO exhibition, showing my models.

Finally I managed to obtain set of lights for LEGO models. SBrick Light(s).
It’s not a typical review, just few thoughts about having programmable lights, which can spice up every model. If you want a very detailed review, click here:

My 42108 Roll-off truck has been fitted with SBrick Light in SLIM version, which means that I had continous power supply from 230V sockets at exhibitions.

Brick itself fits the Technic odd dimensions, having 3×7 studs at base and 4 plates high

Placing all LEDs and SLight Brick was quite tricky, due to lack of space, but these lights can fit trough every Technic hole and can be easilly mounted in clips, which comes in three versions and two tones. Very elegant solution.

Wires have limited length, but can be easilly extended with replicators and extension cables.

Yeah, I know, a bit messy behind the cab, but all other wires were guided with much more patience 😉

All lights were controlled with SBrick app, and I must admit that seeing people surprised when all lights on the truck were turned on from a distance was quite entertaining to watch 🙂

App itself looks like this, I have used standard profile, it suited my needs perfectly.

And here’s short video showing how it worked for my model:

After two exhibitions I am very pleased about how these lights perform. If you want to try them, all SBrick Light elements can be found here:

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