42081 Log Loader

Alternate model for 42081 Volvo ZEUX wheel loader.

My third try on making one set MOC. I have decided to make a log loader, because Zeux comes with wheels that suits a forest machine perfectly.

The main goal was to have easy way to operate functions, within given range of parts.
I have decided to make a unusual log loader, inspired by Skogger machines:

There are three manual functions, which are HoG steering, arm elevation and claw closing/opening.

Rear axle has pendular suspension.

The biggest challenge while building this model was to have properly working model, which was made from set that barely have any gears. Almost all gears provided in 42081 were used to make this model work.

More pictures can be found here:

Here you can see it in action:

The model comes with full building instructions, that are divided into submodels (like chassis,
cab, arm, gearbox, claw, etc.).

Instructions can be bought directly from Sellfy:

Or at Rebrickable:

Instructions sample can be viewed by clicking icon below:

Comparison with my other C models:
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