MAN TGS 8×4 Tow Truck

8×4 heavy tow truck. My most complex model. Features remote drive & steering, motorized front, rear, & side winches, pneumatic compressor, elevated & extended boom with towing arm, side and rear outriggers, front and rear lights, elevated lightbar, cabin with fully detailed interior and opening doors.


Completion date: 05/11/2014
Power: electric (Power Functions), pneumatic (fed from internal compressor)
Dimensions: length 75 studs / width 21studs (with mirrors) / height 26 studs
Weight: over 4 kg
Suspension: none
Propulsion: PF XL motor
Motors: 1 x PF L motor, 1 x PF XL, 3 x M motors, 1 x Servo motor, 2 x micro motors




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  1. Hi.
    Maybe build a construction manual for the tow truck.
    would be very interested in the.

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